Notification Class


A notification that can be shown in a window or by the host operating system.
Base Types
  • object
graph BT Type-->Base0["object"] Type-.->Interface0["INotification"] click Interface0 "/api/Avalonia.Controls.Notifications/INotification" Type["Notification"] class Type type-node


public class Notification : INotification


This class represents a notification that can be displayed either in a window using WindowNotificationManager or by the host operating system (to be implemented).


Name Summary
Notification(string, string, NotificationType, TimeSpan?, Action, Action) Initializes a new instance of the Notification class.


Name Value Summary
Expiration TimeSpan
Gets the expiration time of the notification after which it will automatically close. If the value is System.TimeSpan.Zero then the notification will remain open until the user closes it.
Message string
Gets the notification message.
OnClick Action
Gets an Action to be run when the notification is clicked.
OnClose Action
Gets an Action to be run when the notification is closed.
Title string
Gets the Title of the notification.
Type NotificationType
Gets the NotificationType of the notification.