PopupPositionerParameters Struct


Provides positioning parameters to IPopupPositioner.
Base Types
  • object
  • ValueType
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public struct PopupPositionerParameters : ValueType


The IPopupPositioner provides a collection of rules for the placement of a a popup relative to its parent. Rules can be defined to ensure the popup remains within the visible area's borders, and to specify how the popup changes its position, such as sliding along an axis, or flipping around a rectangle. These positioner-created rules are constrained by the requirement that a popup must intersect with or be at least partially adjacent to its parent surface.


Name Value Summary
Anchor PopupAnchor
Defines the anchor point for the anchor rectangle.
AnchorRectangle Rect
Specifies the anchor rectangle within the parent that the popup will be placed relative to, in device-independent pixels.
ConstraintAdjustment PopupPositionerConstraintAdjustment
Specify how the popup should be positioned if the originally intended position caused the popup to be constrained.
Gravity PopupGravity
Defines in what direction a popup should be positioned, relative to the anchor point of the parent.
Offset Point
Specify the popup position offset relative to the position of the anchor on the anchor rectangle and the anchor on the popup.
Size Size
Set the size of the popup that is to be positioned with the positioner object, in device- independent pixels.