IVisualNode Interface


Represents a node in the low-level scene graph representing an IVisual.
  • IDisposable
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public interface IVisualNode : IDisposable


Name Value Summary
Bounds Rect
Gets the bounds of the node's geometry in global coordinates.
Children IReadOnlyList<IVisualNode>
Gets the child scene graph nodes.
ClipBounds Rect
Gets the clip bounds for the node in global coordinates.
ClipToBounds bool
Whether the node is clipped to ClipBounds.
ClipToBoundsRadius CornerRadius
Gets the corner radius of visual. Contents are clipped to this radius.
Disposed bool
DrawOperations IReadOnlyList<IRef<IDrawOperation>>
Gets the drawing operations for the visual.
GeometryClip IGeometryImpl
Gets the node's clip geometry, if any.
HasAncestorGeometryClip bool
Gets a value indicating whether one of the node's ancestors has a geometry clip.
LayoutBounds Rect
Gets the layout bounds for the node in global coordinates.
Opacity double
Gets the opacity of the scene graph node.
Parent IVisualNode
Gets the parent scene graph node.
Transform Matrix
Gets the transform for the node from global to control coordinates.
Visual IVisual
Gets the visual to which the node relates.


Name Value Summary
BeginRender(IDrawingContextImpl, bool) void
Sets up the drawing context for rendering the node's geometry.
EndRender(IDrawingContextImpl, bool) void
Resets the drawing context after rendering the node's geometry.
HitTest(Point) bool
Hit test the geometry in this node.