Scene Class


Represents a scene graph used by the DeferredRenderer.
  • IDisposable
Base Types
  • object
graph BT Type-->Base0["object"] Type-.->Interface0["IDisposable"] Type["Scene"] class Type type-node


public class Scene : IDisposable


Name Summary
Scene(IVisual) Initializes a new instance of the Scene class.


Name Value Summary
Generation int
Gets a value identifying the scene's generation. This is incremented each time the scene is cloned.
Layers SceneLayers
Gets the layers for the scene.
Rendered Task
Root IVisualNode
Gets the root node of the scene graph.
Scaling double
Gets or sets the scene scaling.
Size Size
Gets or sets the size of the scene in device independent pixels.


Name Value Summary
Add(IVisualNode) void
Adds a node to the scene index.
CloneScene() Scene
Clones the scene.
Dispose() void
FindNode(IVisual) IVisualNode
Tries to find a node in the scene graph representing the specified visual.
HitTest(Point, IVisual, Func<IVisual, bool>) IEnumerable<IVisual>
Gets the visuals at a point in the scene.
HitTestFirst(Point, IVisual, Func<IVisual, bool>) IVisual
Gets the visual at a point in the scene.
MarkAsRendered() void
Remove(IVisualNode) void
Removes a node from the scene index.