Avalonia Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
AppBuilder Initializes platform-specific services for an Application.
Application Encapsulates a Avalonia application.
AttachedProperty<TValue> An attached avalonia property.
AvaloniaInternalException Exception signifying an internal logic error in Avalonia.
AvaloniaObject An object with AvaloniaProperty support.
AvaloniaObjectExtensions Provides extension methods for AvaloniaObject and related classes.
AvaloniaProperty Base class for avalonia properties.
AvaloniaProperty<TValue> A typed avalonia property.
AvaloniaPropertyChangedEventArgs Provides information for a avalonia property change.
AvaloniaPropertyRegistry Tracks registered AvaloniaProperty instances.
Contract A stub of Code Contract's Contract class.
DirectProperty<TOwner, TValue> A direct avalonia property.
DirectPropertyMetadata<TValue> Metadata for direct avalonia properties.
PropertyMetadata Base class for avalonia property metadata.
StyledElement Extends an Animatable with the following features: - An inherited DataContext. - Implements IStyleable to allow styling to work on the styled element. - Implements ILogical to form part of a logical tree. - A collection of class strings for custom styling.
StyledProperty<TValue> A styled avalonia property.
StyledPropertyBase<TValue> Base class for styled properties.
StyledPropertyMetadata<TValue> Metadata for styled avalonia properties.
UnsetValueType Class representing the UnsetValue.
Visual Base class for controls that provides rendering and related visual properties.
VisualExtensions Extension methods for IVisual.
VisualTreeAttachmentEventArgs Holds the event arguments for the AttachedToVisualTree and DetachedFromVisualTree events.

Struct Types

Struct Summary
CornerRadius Represents the radii of a rectangle's corners.
Matrix A 2x3 matrix.
PixelPoint Represents a point in device pixels.
PixelRect Represents a rectangle in device pixels.
PixelSize Represents a size in device pixels.
PixelVector Defines a vector.
Point Defines a point.
Rect Defines a rectangle.
RelativePoint Defines a point that may be defined relative to a containing element.
RelativeRect Defines a rectangle that may be defined relative to a containing element.
Size Defines a size.
Thickness Describes the thickness of a frame around a rectangle.
Vector Defines a vector.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IAvaloniaObject Interface for getting/setting AvaloniaProperty values on an object.
IDataContextProvider Defines an element with a data context that can be used for binding.
IDescription Interface for objects with a Description.
IDirectPropertyMetadata Untyped interface to DirectPropertyMetadata<TValue>
INamed Interface for named elements.
IStyledPropertyMetadata Untyped interface to StyledPropertyMetadata<TValue>

Enum Types

Enum Summary
RelativeUnit Defines the reference point units of an RelativePoint or RelativeRect.