ImmutableLinearGradientBrush Class


A brush that draws with a linear gradient.
graph BT Type-->Base0["ImmutableGradientBrush"] click Base0 "/api/Avalonia.Media.Immutable/ImmutableGradientBrush" Base0-->Base1["object"] Type-.->Interface0["ILinearGradientBrush"] click Interface0 "/api/Avalonia.Media/ILinearGradientBrush" Type-.->Interface1["IGradientBrush"] click Interface1 "/api/Avalonia.Media/IGradientBrush" Type-.->Interface2["IBrush"] click Interface2 "/api/Avalonia.Media/IBrush" Type["ImmutableLinearGradientBrush"] class Type type-node


public class ImmutableLinearGradientBrush : ImmutableGradientBrush, ILinearGradientBrush, 
    IGradientBrush, IBrush



Name Value Summary
EndPoint RelativePoint
Gets or sets the end point for the gradient.
GradientStops IReadOnlyList<IGradientStop>
Gets the brush's gradient stops.
Inherited from ImmutableGradientBrush
Opacity double
Gets the opacity of the brush.
Inherited from ImmutableGradientBrush
SpreadMethod GradientSpreadMethod
Gets the brush's spread method that defines how to draw a gradient that doesn't fill the bounds of the destination control.
Inherited from ImmutableGradientBrush
StartPoint RelativePoint
Gets or sets the start point for the gradient.

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
ToImmutable() IBrush
Converts a brush to an immutable brush.