DeferredRenderer Class


A renderer which renders the state of the visual tree to an intermediate scene graph representation which is then rendered on a rendering thread.
Base Types
graph BT Type-->Base0["RendererBase"] click Base0 "/api/Avalonia.Rendering/RendererBase" Base0-->Base1["object"] Type-.->Interface0["IRenderer"] click Interface0 "/api/Avalonia.Rendering/IRenderer" Type-.->Interface1["IDisposable"] Type-.->Interface2["IRenderLoopTask"] click Interface2 "/api/Avalonia.Rendering/IRenderLoopTask" Type-.->Interface3["IVisualBrushRenderer"] click Interface3 "/api/Avalonia.Rendering/IVisualBrushRenderer" Type["DeferredRenderer"] class Type type-node


public class DeferredRenderer : RendererBase, IRenderer, IDisposable, IRenderLoopTask, 



Name Type Summary
SceneInvalidated EventHandler<SceneInvalidatedEventArgs>
Raised when a portion of the scene has been invalidated.


Name Value Summary
DebugFramesPath string
Gets or sets a path to which rendered frame should be rendered for debugging.
DrawDirtyRects bool
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the renderer should draw a visual representation of its dirty rectangles.
DrawFps bool
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the renderer should draw an FPS counter.
RenderOnlyOnRenderThread bool
Forces the renderer to only draw frames on the render thread. Makes Paint to wait until frame is rendered


Name Value Summary
AddDirty(IVisual) void
Mark a visual as dirty and needing re-rendering.
Dispose() void
Disposes of the renderer and detaches from the render loop.
FpsTick() void
Inherited from RendererBase
HitTest(Point, IVisual, Func<IVisual, bool>) IEnumerable<IVisual>
Hit tests a location to find the visuals at the specified point.
HitTestFirst(Point, IVisual, Func<IVisual, bool>) IVisual
Hit tests a location to find first visual at the specified point.
Paint(Rect) void
Called when a paint notification is received by the control being rendered.
RecalculateChildren(IVisual) void
RenderFps(IDrawingContextImpl, Rect, int?) void
Inherited from RendererBase
Resized(Size) void
Called when a resize notification is received by the control being rendered.
Start() void
Starts the renderer.
Stop() void
Stops the renderer.