ImmediateRenderer Class


A renderer which renders the state of the visual tree without an intermediate scene graph representation.
Base Types
graph BT Type-->Base0["RendererBase"] click Base0 "/api/Avalonia.Rendering/RendererBase" Base0-->Base1["object"] Type-.->Interface0["IRenderer"] click Interface0 "/api/Avalonia.Rendering/IRenderer" Type-.->Interface1["IDisposable"] Type-.->Interface2["IVisualBrushRenderer"] click Interface2 "/api/Avalonia.Rendering/IVisualBrushRenderer" Type["ImmediateRenderer"] class Type type-node


public class ImmediateRenderer : RendererBase, IRenderer, IDisposable, IVisualBrushRenderer


The immediate renderer supports only clip-bound-based hit testing; a control's geometry is not taken into account.


Name Summary
ImmediateRenderer(IVisual) Initializes a new instance of the ImmediateRenderer class.


Name Type Summary
SceneInvalidated EventHandler<SceneInvalidatedEventArgs>
Raised when a portion of the scene has been invalidated.


Name Value Summary
DrawDirtyRects bool
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the renderer should draw a visual representation of its dirty rectangles.
DrawFps bool
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the renderer should draw an FPS counter.


Name Value Summary
AddDirty(IVisual) void
Mark a visual as dirty and needing re-rendering.
Dispose() void
Ends the operation of the renderer.
FpsTick() void
Inherited from RendererBase
HitTest(Point, IVisual, Func<IVisual, bool>) IEnumerable<IVisual>
Hit tests a location to find the visuals at the specified point.
HitTestFirst(Point, IVisual, Func<IVisual, bool>) IVisual
Paint(Rect) void
Called when a paint notification is received by the control being rendered.
RecalculateChildren(IVisual) void
Informs the renderer that the z-ordering of a visual's children has changed.
Render(IVisual, DrawingContext) void
Renders a visual to a drawing context.
Render(IVisual, IRenderTarget) void
Renders a visual to a render target.
RenderFps(IDrawingContextImpl, Rect, int?) void
Inherited from RendererBase
Resized(Size) void
Called when a resize notification is received by the control being rendered.
Start() void
Starts the renderer.
Stop() void
Stops the renderer.