DrawingContext Class

  • IDisposable
Base Types
  • object
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public sealed class DrawingContext : IDisposable



Name Value Summary
CurrentContainerTransform Matrix
CurrentTransform Matrix
Gets the current transform of the drawing context.
PlatformImpl IDrawingContextImpl


Name Value Summary
Custom(ICustomDrawOperation) void
Draws a custom drawing operation
Dispose() void
Disposes of any resources held by the DrawingContext.
DrawGeometry(IBrush, IPen, Geometry) void
Draws a geometry.
DrawImage(IBitmap, double, Rect, Rect, BitmapInterpolationMode) void
Draws a bitmap image.
DrawLine(IPen, Point, Point) void
Draws a line.
DrawRectangle(IPen, Rect, float) void
Draws the outline of a rectangle.
DrawText(IBrush, Point, FormattedText) void
Draws text.
FillRectangle(IBrush, Rect, float) void
Draws a filled rectangle.
PushClip(Rect) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a clip rectangle.
PushGeometryClip(Geometry) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a clip geometry.
PushOpacity(double) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes an opacity value.
PushOpacityMask(IBrush, Rect) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes an opacity mask.
PushPostTransform(Matrix) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a matrix post-transformation.
PushPreTransform(Matrix) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a matrix pre-transformation.
PushTransformContainer() DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a new transform context.