TextInputOptionsQueryEventArgs Class

Base Types
graph BT Type-->Base0["RoutedEventArgs"] click Base0 "/api/Avalonia.Interactivity/RoutedEventArgs" Base0-->Base1["EventArgs"] Base1-->Base2["object"] Type["TextInputOptionsQueryEventArgs"] class Type type-node


public class TextInputOptionsQueryEventArgs : RoutedEventArgs


Name Value Summary
AutoCapitalization bool
Automatically capitalize letters at the start of the sentence
ContentType TextInputContentType
The content type (mostly for determining the shape of the virtual keyboard)
Handled bool
Inherited from RoutedEventArgs
IsSensitive bool
Text contains sensitive data like card numbers and should not be stored
Lowercase bool
Text is in lower case
Multiline bool
Text is multiline
Route RoutingStrategies
Inherited from RoutedEventArgs
RoutedEvent RoutedEvent?
Inherited from RoutedEventArgs
Source IInteractive?
Inherited from RoutedEventArgs
Uppercase bool
Text is in upper case