IDrawingContextImpl Interface


Defines the interface through which drawing occurs.
  • IDisposable
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public interface IDrawingContextImpl : IDisposable


Name Value Summary
Transform Matrix
Gets or sets the current transform of the drawing context.


Name Value Summary
Clear(Color) void
Clears the render target to the specified color.
CreateLayer(Size) IDrawingContextLayerImpl
Creates a new IRenderTargetBitmapImpl that can be used as a render layer for the current render target.
Custom(ICustomDrawOperation) void
Adds a custom draw operation
DrawBitmap(IRef<IBitmapImpl>, double, Rect, Rect, BitmapInterpolationMode) void
Draws a bitmap image.
DrawBitmap(IRef<IBitmapImpl>, IBrush, Rect, Rect) void
Draws a bitmap image.
DrawGeometry(IBrush, IPen, IGeometryImpl) void
Draws a geometry.
DrawGlyphRun(IBrush, GlyphRun) void
Draws a glyph run.
DrawLine(IPen, Point, Point) void
Draws a line.
DrawRectangle(IBrush, IPen, RoundedRect, BoxShadows) void
Draws a rectangle with the specified Brush and Pen.
DrawText(IBrush, Point, IFormattedTextImpl) void
Draws text.
PopBitmapBlendMode() void
Pops the latest pushed bitmap blending value.
PopClip() void
Pops the latest pushed clip rectangle.
PopGeometryClip() void
Pops the latest pushed geometry clip.
PopOpacity() void
Pops the latest pushed opacity value.
PopOpacityMask() void
Pops the latest pushed opacity mask.
PushBitmapBlendMode(BitmapBlendingMode) void
Pushes a bitmap blending value.
PushClip(Rect) void
Pushes a clip rectangle.
PushClip(RoundedRect) void
Pushes a clip rounded rectangle.
PushGeometryClip(IGeometryImpl) void
Pushes a clip geometry.
PushOpacity(double) void
Pushes an opacity value.
PushOpacityMask(IBrush, Rect) void
Pushes an opacity mask