RegisterAttached<TOwner, THost, TValue>(string, TValue, bool, BindingMode, Func<TValue, bool>, Func<IAvaloniaObject, TValue, TValue>) Method


Registers an attached AvaloniaProperty.
Containing Type


public static AttachedProperty<TValue> RegisterAttached<TOwner, THost, TValue>(string name, TValue defaultValue = default(TValue), bool inherits = false, BindingMode defaultBindingMode = OneWay, Func<TValue, bool> validate = null, Func<IAvaloniaObject, TValue, TValue> coerce = null) 
    where THost : IAvaloniaObject

Type Parameters

Name Description
TOwner The type of the class that is registering the property.
THost The type of the class that the property is to be registered on.
TValue The type of the property's value.


Name Type Description
name string The name of the property.
defaultValue TValue The default value of the property.
inherits bool Whether the property inherits its value.
defaultBindingMode BindingMode The default binding mode for the property.
validate Func<TValue, bool> A value validation callback.
coerce Func<IAvaloniaObject, TValue, TValue> A value coercion callback.

Return Value

Type Description
AttachedProperty<TValue> A AvaloniaProperty<TValue>