Avalonia.Collections.Pooled Namespace

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IReadOnlyPooledList<T> Represents a read-only collection of pooled elements that can be accessed by index

Class Types

Class Summary
PooledList<T> Implements a variable-size list that uses a pooled array to store the elements. A PooledList has a capacity, which is the allocated length of the internal array. As elements are added to a PooledList, the capacity of the PooledList is automatically increased as required by reallocating the internal array.
PooledStack<T> A simple stack of objects. Internally it is implemented as an array, so Push can be O(n). Pop is O(1).

Enum Types

Enum Summary
ClearMode This enum allows control over how data is treated when internal arrays are returned to the ArrayPool. Be careful to understand what each option does before using anything other than the default of Auto.