Avalonia.Controls.Primitives.PopupPositioning Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
ManagedPopupPositioner An IPopupPositioner implementation for platforms on which a popup can be aritrarily positioned.
ManagedPopupPositionerPopupImplHelper This class is used to simplify integration of IPopupImpl implementations with popup positioner

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IPopupPositioner Positions an IPopupHost.

Struct Types

Struct Summary
PopupPositionerParameters Provides positioning parameters to IPopupPositioner.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
PopupAnchor Defines the edges around an anchor rectangle on which a popup will open.
PopupGravity Defines the direction in which a popup will open.
PopupPositionerConstraintAdjustment Defines how a popup position will be adjusted if the unadjusted position would result in the popup being partly constrained.