FormattedText Class


Represents a piece of text with formatting.
Base Types
  • object
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public class FormattedText


Name Summary
FormattedText() Initializes a new instance of the FormattedText class.
FormattedText(IPlatformRenderInterface) Initializes a new instance of the FormattedText class.
FormattedText(string, Typeface, double, TextAlignment, TextWrapping, Size) Initializes a new instance of the FormattedText class.


Name Value Summary
Bounds Rect
Gets the bounds of the text within the Constraint.
Constraint Size
Gets or sets the constraint of the text.
FontSize double
Gets or sets the font size.
PlatformImpl IFormattedTextImpl
Gets platform-specific platform implementation.
Spans IReadOnlyList<FormattedTextStyleSpan>
Gets or sets a collection of spans that describe the formatting of subsections of the text.
Text string
Gets or sets the text.
TextAlignment TextAlignment
Gets or sets the alignment of the text.
TextWrapping TextWrapping
Gets or sets the text wrapping.
Typeface Typeface
Gets or sets the base typeface.


Name Value Summary
GetLines() IEnumerable<FormattedTextLine>
Gets the lines in the text.
HitTestPoint(Point) TextHitTestResult
Hit tests a point in the text.
HitTestTextPosition(int) Rect
Gets the bounds rectangle that the specified character occupies.
HitTestTextRange(int, int) IEnumerable<Rect>
Gets the bounds rectangles that the specified text range occupies.