GlyphRun Class


Represents a sequence of glyphs from a single face of a single font at a single size, and with a single rendering style.
  • IDisposable
Base Types
  • object
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public sealed class GlyphRun : IDisposable


Name Summary
GlyphRun() Initializes a new instance of the GlyphRun class.
GlyphRun(GlyphTypeface, double, ReadOnlySlice<ushort>, ReadOnlySlice<double>, ReadOnlySlice<Vector>, ReadOnlySlice<char>, ReadOnlySlice<ushort>, int) Initializes a new instance of the GlyphRun class by specifying properties of the class.


Name Value Summary
BaselineOrigin Point
Gets or sets the baseline origin of theGlyphRun.
BiDiLevel int
Gets or sets the bidirectional nesting level of the GlyphRun.
Characters ReadOnlySlice<char>
Gets or sets the list of UTF16 code points that represent the Unicode content of the GlyphRun.
FontRenderingEmSize double
Gets or sets the em size used for rendering the GlyphRun.
GlyphAdvances ReadOnlySlice<double>
Gets or sets an array of double values that represent the advances corresponding to the glyph indices.
GlyphClusters ReadOnlySlice<ushort>
Gets or sets a list of int values representing a mapping from character index to glyph index.
GlyphIndices ReadOnlySlice<ushort>
Gets or sets an array of ushort values that represent the glyph indices in the rendering physical font.
GlyphOffsets ReadOnlySlice<Vector>
Gets or sets an array of Vector values representing the offsets of the glyphs in the GlyphRun.
GlyphRunImpl IGlyphRunImpl
The platform implementation of the GlyphRun.
GlyphTypeface GlyphTypeface
Gets or sets the GlyphTypeface for the GlyphRun.
IsLeftToRight bool
Returns true if the text direction is left-to-right. Otherwise, returns false.
Size Size
Gets or sets the conservative bounding box of the GlyphRun.


Name Value Summary
FindGlyphIndex(int) int
Finds a glyph index for given character index.
FindNearestCharacterHit(int, double) CharacterHit
Finds the nearest CharacterHit at given index.
GetCharacterHitFromDistance(double, bool) CharacterHit
Retrieves the CharacterHit value that represents the character hit of the caret of the GlyphRun.
GetDistanceFromCharacterHit(CharacterHit) double
Retrieves the offset from the leading edge of the GlyphRun to the leading or trailing edge of a caret stop containing the specified character hit.
GetNextCaretCharacterHit(CharacterHit) CharacterHit
Retrieves the next valid caret character hit in the logical direction in the GlyphRun.
GetPreviousCaretCharacterHit(CharacterHit) CharacterHit
Retrieves the previous valid caret character hit in the logical direction in the GlyphRun.