StreamGeometryContext Class


Describes a geometry using drawing commands.
Base Types
  • object
graph BT Type-->Base0["object"] Type-.->Interface0["IGeometryContext"] click Interface0 "/api/Avalonia.Platform/IGeometryContext" Type-.->Interface1["IDisposable"] Type["StreamGeometryContext"] class Type type-node


public class StreamGeometryContext : IGeometryContext, IDisposable


This class is used to define the geometry of a StreamGeometry. An instance of StreamGeometryContext is obtained by calling Open().


Name Summary
StreamGeometryContext(IStreamGeometryContextImpl) Initializes a new instance of the StreamGeometryContext class.


Name Value Summary
ArcTo(Point, Size, double, bool, SweepDirection) void
Draws an arc to the specified point.
BeginFigure(Point, bool) void
Begins a new figure.
CubicBezierTo(Point, Point, Point) void
Draws a Bezier curve to the specified point.
Dispose() void
Finishes the drawing session.
EndFigure(bool) void
Ends the figure started by BeginFigure(Point, bool).
LineTo(Point) void
Draws a line to the specified point.
QuadraticBezierTo(Point, Point) void
Draws a quadratic Bezier curve to the specified point
SetFillRule(FillRule) void
Sets path's winding rule (default is EvenOdd). You should call this method before any calls to BeginFigure. If you wonder why, ask Direct2D guys about their design decisions.