Avalonia.Rendering Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
DefaultRenderTimer Defines a default render timer that uses a standard timer.
DeferredRenderer A renderer which renders the state of the visual tree to an intermediate scene graph representation which is then rendered on a rendering thread.
ImmediateRenderer A renderer which renders the state of the visual tree without an intermediate scene graph representation.
RenderLoop The application render loop.
SceneInvalidatedEventArgs Provides data for the SceneInvalidated event.
UiThreadRenderTimer Render timer that ticks on UI thread. Useful for debugging or bootstrapping on new platforms

Interface Types

Interface Summary
ICustomHitTest Allows customization of hit-testing for all renderers.
ICustomSimpleHitTest An interface to allow non-templated controls to customize their hit-testing when using a renderer with a simple hit-testing algorithm without a scene graph, such as ImmediateRenderer
IRenderer Defines the interface for a renderer.
IRendererFactory Defines the interface for a renderer factory.
IRenderLoop The application render loop.
IRenderRoot Represents the root of a renderable tree.
IRenderTimer Defines the interface implemented by an application render timer.
IVisualBrushInitialize Internal interface for initializing controls that are to be used as the visual in a VisualBrush.
IVisualBrushRenderer Defines a renderer used to render a visual brush to a bitmap.