Avalonia.Styling Namespace

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IGlobalStyles Defines the style host that provides styles global to the application.
ISetter Represents a setter for a Style.
ISetterInstance Represents a setter that has been instanced on a control.
ISetterValue Customizes the behavior of a class when added as a value to an ISetter.
IStyle Defines the interface for styles.
IStyleable Interface for styleable elements.
IStyleHost Defines an element that has a Styles collection.
IStyleInstance Represents a style that has been instanced on a control.

Class Types

Class Summary
Selector A selector in a Style.
Selectors Extension methods for Selector.
Setter A setter for a Style.
Style Defines a style.
Styles A style that consists of a number of child styles.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
SelectorMatchResult Describes how a SelectorMatch matches a control and its type.

Struct Types

Struct Summary
SelectorMatch Holds the result of a Selector match.


Namespace Summary